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Malco Modes Alyse Luxury Chiffon Adult Petticoat Slip, Adjustable Waist


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  • Color : Navy Blue
  • Elastic closure
  • 100% high-quality Nylon chiffon.
  • A soft and comfortable thigh-length tutu for women that adds just the right amount of soft and fluffy fullness.
  • Our Alysa is the perfect length for costumes, lingerie, or to just add a bit of petticoat spice to your wardrobe!
  • This style contains 40 yards of double-skirted chiffon, with 3-inch fluff that trims the bottom, adding more body for your outfit.
  • Constructed with a unique, adjustable top, it can be easily shortened by one or two inches, with no sewing is required.
  • The waist size can be tightened by moving the button on the waistband, as well.
  • SMALL: waistband stretches from 19 to 38 inches; length can be adjusted to 13 or 14 inches MEDIUM: waistband stretches from 23 inches to 46 inches; length can be adjusted to 13 or 14 inches LARGE: waistband stretches from 27 to 52 inches; length can be adjusted to 13 or 14 inches
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • FOB - United States

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