Terms & Conditions


Seller must share a transfer price for his products in line with prevalent market prices. The discount must be more than or equal to 60% of the MRP. F2FMART shall validate and clear the transfer pricing, else there would be a round of negotiation with seller.

Commission & Payment:

F2FMART shall charge a success fee above your transfer price and GST on final price on the live platform. Success Fee will vary with the product category. All the receive commission are non-refundable.

The platform allows minimum sale of a set of the product as defined by the seller.

Samples (each style-1 pc) shall be provided by supplier/seller at free of cost basis and compulsory send to our Ahmedabad (Gujarat) registered office for sharing with qualified buyer’s interest.

F2FMART shall provide validated and qualified buyer’s interest for the product as per minimum order quantities to be agreed by both the parties.

The payment for the products sold through F2FMART shall be released after 7 days from the date the products are received by the customer. At the same time as dispatching the goods, the invoice should be shared with F2FMART.

Quality control:

The Seller warrants that, the products are of a high quality and the craftsmanship is not subject to damage if proper garment care, wash, iron, dry clean etc. instructions are followed by the customer. It's not low quality and shall not abnormally rip, tear, bleed colour on skin in the normal usage process. For accessories, the Seller shall ensure all quality elements such as, but not limited to finish, edging, zips, buttons, stones, beads are of high quality from visual and usage quality standards. Seller receiving any buyer complaints for their products more than 3 times is liable to be removed from the platform.

Seller’s Obligation:

The Seller is prohibited from transacting/communicating with the shortlisted Buyer except through F2FMART.

Sellers accessing or using the sites or services shall assume the risks of conducting sale transactions in connection with or through the Sites or Services. Seller must be legally able to sell the item(s) they list for sale on our website. Seller shall ensure that the listed items do not infringe upon the intellectual property, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy rights of third parties.

The Products listed are not in any way harmful, detrimental or defective.

Seller must not engage in any unfair consumer practice or any such practices that are forbidden under applicable laws, including but not restricted to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and the Competition Act, 2002.

Seller shall keep the inventory & pricing updated on the platform for smooth buyer transactions as and when require.

Seller shall ensure that all accepted orders to be properly packed & to be kept ready on the same day once the logistics documents are shared with the buyers.

In case of Wrong/Damaged product shipped against any order, the seller is responsible to take the goods back as soon as possible and logistics charges shall be borne by the seller only.

Seller shall provide authentication details together with the duly self-attested supporting documents, the illustrative list of which is set out under "KYC documents". KYC documents shall include but not limited to all such material information, data or documents which verify the details, credentials and authenticity of seller including the bank account details provided by Seller. The KYC documents shall be required to be furnished by Seller to F2FMART at the time of registration and at any time (and/or from time to time) as per the requirements of F2FMART or under applicable laws. F2FMART may request for the original of the KYC documents for verification purpose only.


  •  GST Certificate with all pages
  •  Cancel Cheque of company account
  •  Company & Owners PAN Card both side
  •  Certificate of Incorporation – if applicable
  •  TAN Certificate – if applicable
  •  Brand Logo - .jpg, .png , .pdf, .cdr etc.
  •  Trademark Certificate
  •  Third Party Quality Check Certificate
  •  Brand Clearance NOC KYC Detail.