Just like trends and breakthroughs in the 20th century have always been divided into the pre-war and post-war, COVID-19 has left a similar effect on businesses and the way of living.

But a common dialogue that works as an obstacle for most businesses is that people are waiting for the pandemic to be over and things to go back to the traditional way of business.

The Global Sources announced the cancellation of the April 2021 Spring Series Exhibition of Global Sources, keeping in mind the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions, and quarantine requirements, relating to international travel, and concerns for public health and safety the chances.

On dialogue with IFC - “We have an opportunity to reassess, reset, and reshape Bangladesh's apparel sector. It is time to rewire the system to recover and remain competitive,” said Nishat Shahid Chowdhury, Program Manager for Partnership for Cleaner Textile, an advisory project of IFC.

To keep the business trade in a traditional setting poses several challenges especially in this post-pandemic period. Uncertainty, of many stores re-opening, stands tall, cancelled orders are an effect of this cause, more than 300 small to medium-sized garment factories have closed down due to various reasons, earnings from exports declined 3.92% year-on-year, to $3.19 billion for Bangladesh in February because of a fall in apparel shipment.

However, going digital is no more just a slogan, the industry, customers, the economy is demanding a definite plan of action, the path of least resistance if you must.

The pandemic necessitates drastic measures. It won't be fast, but you can use this time to think about your online garment business in the following ways:

1) Smooth and Easy Sailing
While navigating the world of online markets, websites, the rules, and policies can be like being on rough waters. Pursuing too many criteria at once can get overwhelming.

When starting with your online journey, the main agenda is to ensure liquidity and to make room for new collections, clearing excess stock, and keeping it simple.

F2FMART has three easy steps to get your business out of the rough waters- upload details of your products, our innovative marketing solutions, and vast reach will get the right verified buyers for your products and crack the deal, and free up your resources.

2) Seamless Experience
With everyone jumping the digital boat, the selection process for buying, and selling goods, can be a very lengthy and tedious job for acquiring the best quotes.

The more detail about a product on a website is straightforward, the better. Product configurators and selection tools will assist the customers in making fast purchasing decisions. Having consumer feedback and ratings to find out what their peers have to say can be a useful aid in selecting the right B2B online marketplace.

F2FMART helps you not just list your surplus stock but also connect you through international buyers who might be interested in acquiring your products so that you can simply focus on managing your business more effectively.

3) The Number Game
Understanding which website is good for their talk is different from when you are dealing with people face-to-face while doing business. While websites don't tell you much with just a look, they tell you much more with numbers like the case in point -

F2FMART stemming from Fibre2Fashion's 20 years of vertical focus in the textile and apparel industry, more than 1.5 million monthly visitors from across the globe, experts facilitating your buyer and seller transactions, real-time connection, and reach more than 600,000 registered companies globally.

COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to digital shopping. eCommerce is only going to develop in the future. There's no doubt that for some businesses, just surviving is becoming a massive challenge. Fashion retailers, on the other hand, would be able to create resiliency and sustainable growth if they systemically match their goals with the evolving environment and take the digital road.

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