The current COVID-19 situation has impacted the world of business. It has forced the B2B marketplace to go digital in a massive way. What began as an emergency response has now become the next normal, with a huge burden for how buyers and sellers will do business in the future.  

Due to which the majority of B2B buyers & sellers now prefer the new digital reality. A sentiment that has steadily grown even after the lockdown ended.   

Being mindful of it, we all can agree that the online store for business has proliferated. In order to support it, we at Fibre2fashion let the B2B sellers & buyers come together and let them do the trading.   

But before moving ahead, let’s get the idea of how to get an international buyer for your ready-to-sell wholesale goods. Here's what you should know:  

  1. Fashioning of the Export Business

Export business is selling your goods to different countries with different cultures and regulations. The market might be more refined than your home country, yet you must invest in constructing your network and promoting your product, just as you started at home. Meaning that your current operations should be able to run with little attention and that you can invest time and money in entering a new market.   

You can do few practical things: learn whether your product documentation is available in English or any other relevant languages? Is your brand name easy to pronounce?    

If your product is suitable for it, you can try selling it online. Howbeit, you will need a proper platform to promote your product.    

  1. Market Research

Pick out the country or, better yet, go globally for your wholesale apparel market. There are a number of online platforms available that will be able to sell your goods based on the highest profit guaranteed.  

To find the buyers here are few online methods: 

  • Social media: Social media is a powerful ally in search for foreign buyers. Create an account Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms that can help you reach global audiences.  
  • Website: create an attractive website while including your information regularly. Use SEO to make sure your website reaches to relevant buyers.  
  • Email marketing: Send out sales promotion, newsletters, exclusive deals, offers via email. With you can get a better chance of being seen.  
  • B2B Website: Register with B2B websites which will make your business visible to wide customers. Such platforms attract millions of sellers and buyers worldwide. 

They have number of tools available to let you observe how much each country imports your ready-to-sell wholesale goods. Once you have chosen from two or three promising countries, you will be one step ahead. Following, focus your research on the essential things to your niche & which supports your brand’s voice.   

  1. Find an International Distributor

An international distributor will provide you to sell your products very conveniently online. One of such markets is the F2F market, where we promote your stock lot goods online, and not forget a huge market of sellers comes every day to do business hereWith such a market, your textile industry will experience millions of monthly visitors from across the globe. This will increase your chances of your goods being sold in the short term just like that.

  1. Set-Up Your Presence Abroad

To kick-start your wholesale business online internationally, you can take aid of the market based on research which will help you focus on where you must do more work. Once you have experience in that place, you can also learn the metrics. In such a way, you will be able to tell beforehand the outcome of your marketing efforts and even entice financing for your expansion.   

In order to become eminent internationally, you may have to do as many marketing and sales attempts as you did in your home country. And since you can’t do everything yourself, F2F will be your supporting ally. Contact our specialists to learn more about B2B wholesale market!  

Final thoughts,  

Keeping all your trouble aside, relax because you count on the B2B marketplaces that are here to help you! Further, you can even reach out to F2F market which is one of many online market platforms that is here to serve. 

It is a B2B marketplace to help make an effortless process for all the buyers and sellers online. Being fully aware about the prevailing wisdom used to be that e-commerce was mainly a petite ticket; however, it’s a huge opportunity to do business online (worldwide) especially knowing the current scenario.


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