Textiles have always played an important role in Indian trade. Traces of Indian textiles have been found in ancient Rome, China and Egypt.

At present, India is among the world's largest producers of Textile Fabric and Apparel.

Fabric and apparel retail is at its peak, and even crossed the pre-covid sales numbers. This is encouraging for the whole industry, including manufacturers, distributors, traders, retailers, online sellers and everyone involved in the business. 

As per a report by the Ministry of Textiles, the domestic apparel & textile industry in India contributes 5% to the country’s GDP. India is the 6th largest exporter of textiles and apparel in the world.

Challenges of the Indian Textile Industry:

Just like any other industry, the textile industry has some challenges too, like limited reach, availability of raw materials, credit facilities, logistics and so on. 

These problems remain constant and even aggravate in difficult unavoidable situations such as travel restrictions. This results in higher cancellations, money getting stuck in rotation and in turn, lower margins to trade. 

Rising Cotton Prices:

While cotton textile is a major player in the Indian textile industry, prices of cotton are skyrocketing, marking a major setback for the textile manufacturing companies. Manufacturers find it difficult to maintain their supply chain due to this price hike.

Denim and cotton fabrics wholesale are under huge pressure as garment manufacturers are having challenges in negotiating such a hike in fabric price.

B2B E-commerce - A Saviour: 

B2B e-commerce marketplaces like F2FMART.com solves most of these problems. The sector has picked up quite a pace during Covid times. In 2021, leading B2B marketplaces saw 100-300% growth in order volumes and revenues. Smallest of the apparel retailers or designers started shopping online.

How F2FMART.com Helps?

With a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers F2FMART aims to mitigate supply demand challenges and grow trade.

F2FMART.com has generated revenue in crores, out of which around 60-70% was from Fabric wholesale. Denim being the most selling fabric, there’s a huge demand for wholesale fabrics, which F2FMART caters to, from all over the country. 

India’s only vertically focused wholesale fashion marketplace with innovative features that make the entire sourcing process easier.

With our user-friendly business dashboard and the ‘Make an Offer’ feature, the whole material sourcing process is simplified!

Make an Offer:

With our “Make an Offer” feature, just submit simple details like company name, order quantity and the price you’re willing to pay. The seller accepts, rejects or counters the offer! Wholesale shopping was never this easy.

block printed cotton cambric fabric

With verified sellers and catalogues, F2FMART.com provides a wide range of wholesale textile fabrics such as wholesale Cotton, Chiffon, Rayon, Denim, Georgette and much more.

F2FMART.com is a part of Fibre2Fashion Ltd, a two-decade old company in the fashion and wholesale textile industry. A one-stop-shop for buying and selling wholesale fashion and lifestyle products with up to 90% off on 80+ categories and 5000+ products listed.

Take your fabric sourcing online on F2FMART.com today!

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