Even when B2C retailers have seen rapid growth in India, challenges still lie in B2B retail business. Such challenges can be found in digitizing their sourcing, payments and last-mile delivery.

Less than 3% of B2B businesses are doing trade online, it was somewhere because of the success of UDAAN. The total addressable size of the market for online B2B Ecommerce is immense, and it cannot be encompassed on a single platform.   

While the first set of startups that gained traction in the B2B space was targeting the bottom of the pyramid that is full-scale marketplaces selling everything. However, the next wave will be seen in the vertical marketplaces instead of a general mandi model serving all needs.   

We at Fibre2Fashion believe the next step of scaled-up companies is likely to emerge from the vertical specialization.   

Business.f2fmart.com - a B2B vertical of Fibre2Fashion, is a ready-to-sale global marketplace for companies to trade wholesale products worldwide. It’s an innovative marketing tool that enables you to reach the correct audience (buyers or customers) at right time with the best price doable.   

This end-to-end vertical focuses on an e-marketplace, covering apparel, activewear, PPE & face maskshome textiles, fashion accessories, cosmetics and footwear. One-stop destination for all your modern styles and trends where every seller will be able to get the best of the buyers and every buyer will get the best of the products at competitive prices.

Along with F2FMART, your business will surely get a chance to flourish.  

It's a global B2B marketplace platform used to face any uncertain challenges in the textile industry. Being a part of F2FMART will allow you the following benefits:   

  • Product experts ease buyer’s & seller’s transaction. 
  • Real-time connection and reach of more than 6 lakhs registered companies globally. 
  • A strong platform offering new-age marketing & advertising solutions.  
  • Worldwide reach through Fibre2fashion platform and social media channels.  

Further, the salient features which you can relish are as:  

  • Post RFQ requirements with bulk upload facility
  • Live chat
  • Business dashboard for buyers & sellers  
  • Live offer: product discount, MRP/website sale price. MOQ stock/quantity
  • Catalog sale: MOQ offer (product details and offer discount details)

The vertical focus aids in resolving retailers' sourcing needs more cost productively than the physical world. Doing so will help your business develop over time.

Millions of small and mid-sized MSME retailers are targeted in sales while making 10 lakhs to crore annually by linking goods, services, or customer leads. These are likely to be the next emerging category of winners in B2B with their B2B SME buyer in industries with 100k-1M SMEs.  


It's a myth that the e-commerce world cannot support the needs of B2B sellers and brands. However, it is important to allocate the appropriate funds to your B2B site launch, including work with partners and agencies to build the unique tools you need. You might need investment, the boost in revenue will outweighs this initial expenditure.

What to do next?  

Join the F2FMART B2B e-commerce platform that will transform your industry. Get ahead of the curve, while taking advantage of this opportunity now!

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