The Covid-19 pandemic has divided business situations into pre-Covid and post-Covid era. In the post pandemic world, a traditional setting for businesses pose several challenges. Uncertainty of many stores re-opening stands tall; cancelled orders and closure of small and mid-sized garment factories has led to decline in a country’s export earnings. For some businesses, just surviving is becoming a massive challenge. 

The pandemic necessitates drastic measures. It has accelerated the transition to digital shopping and e-commerce is only going to develop further in the future. Fashion retailers, on the other hand would be able to create resiliency and sustainable growth if they systemically match their goals with the evolving environment and take the digital road. 

But trying to navigate through the online markets, websites, rules, and policies, might be quite challenging for businesses. Pursuing too many criteria at once can get difficult as well.  

With everyone jumping the digital bandwagon, the selection process for buying, and selling goods, can be a very lengthy and tedious job for acquiring the best quotes. 

In all such scenarios, Fibre2Fashion’s F2FMART can get B2B businesses out of rough waters- it can help them get vast reach with the right verified buyers for their products and crack deals. F2FMART not just helps in listing of surplus stock but also connects businesses to international buyers who might be interested in acquiring their products so that businesses can simply focus on their trade. 

By logging onto F2FMART in 3 easy steps, businesses can start their online journey, the main agenda of which is to ensure liquidity of stock and make room for new collections, clearing excess stock, and keeping it simple. 

It is always desirable to have more detail about a product on a website in a direct way. F2FMART’s product configurators and selection tools assist customers in making fast purchasing decisions. Having consumer feedback and ratings to find out what their peers have to say can be a useful aid in selecting the right B2B online marketplace.  

“It has been a year long association with Fibre2Fashion for online B2C omni-channel sale of our products. Their team has been working with us seamlessly to get our brand live on most popular online marketplaces and in day-to-day order lifecycle management. Now we are working together in setting up effective brand promotion and customer satisfaction strategies. We sincerely appreciate the hand in hand approach of working by Fibre2Fashion,” says Minakshi Goyal, director, Capecanary Apparel Private Limited. 

“It’s been more than 3 years that Fibre2Fashion is handling my brand and merely stating that they are doing a great job would be an understatement. I am more than satisfied with the hard work and detailing they put in managing my brand. Collaborating with them indeed paid me well as the entire burden of being on your toes all the time is entirely shifted to them. They are executing their part of the job effectively and efficiently,” says Nikhil Agarwal, owner, Duratex Retail. 

“We started with Fibre2Fashion 4 years ago to launch our kidswear brand Tales & Stories on all the online portals. We have come a long way from there with a very good growth. Fibre2Fashion has been actively promoting our brand with all the portals so that we get good visibility and good commission structure with them. They have a very good reach and connection with all the marketplace which helps any brand to reach its desired goals,” says Alin Shah, brand strategist, Tales & Stories. 

These are just few of the client testimonials that F2FMART has received for its services through the months and years as it continues to garner more praises and satisfied customers till date. 

F2FMART stems from Fibre2fashion's 20 years of vertical focus in the textile and apparel industry. It has a reach of more than 1.5 million monthly visitors and 600,000 registered companies from across the globe, experts facilitating the buyer and seller transactions, and real-time connections.

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